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I made this little 5” lion to help raise funds and awareness for the Mattia Fagnoni Association. 100% of the proceeds go towards research on rare genetic diseases, the purchase of new equipment for Mattia’s hospital and to help other families with patients affected by similar conditions with their special medical expenses. For purchase information follow mattiaamfonlusfagnoni.

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8” Lion based on some Kidrobot Trikky toys. The head is Trikky, the body is Munny and the tail is Foomi. The teeth are Foomi tail tips. There’s a lot of sculpting on this one, pretty happy with how it turned out.

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Here’s a Marvin I made from a 4” Kidrobot Munny. I’m not the first person to do this but it was fun and I just couldn’t help myself. Depressing, isn’t it?

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The beautiful publication you see here is issue #1 of ‘Undecided’, a 64 page artzine limited to 100 copies and available here while stocks last.

Designed with high aesthetics in mind, ‘Undecided’ builds a platform for which to showcase a myriad of emerging and working artists.

Pictured here are selected pages from the magazine, featuring artwork by;

  1. Dixcey
  2. Lamb Ninja Bleed
  3. Cendrine Rovini
  4. Scab
  5. Stephen Butterfield
  6. Chemical Gdns
  7. Ivy’s Table
  8. The Pumpkin Tide
  9. Rachael Berry
  10. Lucie Francis
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Baron Samedi, 4” custom munny by Maloapril.

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Munnyworld Customs: Red Panda

Created by Stuart Harris

(via undecideds)

Source: vyntic
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"My grandfather, Jim Harris, was a woodturner and when we went to visit I would always listen eagerly for the sound of his lathe as we approached the house. If I heard the lathe then it was going to be a good visit because if he was woodturning then he was making sawdust, and if he was making sawdust then he might, just might, need someone to clean it all up and, when I was a kid, vacuuming my grandfather’s shed was the best thing in the world. 

My grandfather didn’t use a normal vacuum cleaner to clean the shed; it wouldn’t be big or powerful enough. So he made his own, an enormous greedy elephant’s trunk that roared and leapt about making all the sawdust and smaller bits of wood disappear. I never knew where it all ended up. 

An odd assortment of relics would emerge from the sawdust; long spirals of papery woodshavings, things that my grandfather had been making, broken or split, some almost finished, others barely started. It was like finding fossils on a beach as the tide goes out. The relics would be examined, identified, categorised and set aside for firewood. Then my grandfather would start up the lathe and get back to work replenishing the sawdust, making the tide come back in.”


Some pictures of my grandfather, some words to go with them, and a couple of shots of how the article appears in the first ever issue of Undecided magazine, limited to 100 copies, check with the Undecided Art Collective for availability.

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This is Temba

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So this is how the building block animals turned out. I made these for the BLDNG BLCKS project as part of the epic Memorabilia exhibition that’s just passed. Happy to say these have all found new homes. I’m particularly happy with the owl, I might have to make some more of those.

See more of the project on Behance.


Loving this limited edition hand stencilled 12” vinyl by Chris Cunningham, on sale to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, still a few left at #customvinyl #stencilart #skull #memorabilia #chriscunningham #vinyl #vinylisnotdead #stencil #handmade #urbanvinyl